Editorial Process

  • A manuscript is processed for publication to the Journal for the first time at that time it has not been published/simultaneously submitted/accepted elsewhere for publication.

  • When a manuscript is submitted, the subject editor reviews it to see whether it is suitable for formal review. Without going through the regular peer review process, manuscripts containing plagiarism, substantial scientific or technical errors, or a lack of a relevant message are rejected. Manuscripts that do not fall within the scope of the Journal may also be rejected at this stage.

  • Manuscripts that pass the initial round of screening will be evaluated for review, and they may be submitted to two or more reviewers.

  • The journal carefully adheres to the double-blind peer review method, in which neither the author nor the reviewer is aware of the other's identity.

  • After receiving comments from reviewers/Referees, members of the Editorial Board teams have the authority to make the ultimate decision on publishing. The corresponding author will be notified of the acceptance, rejection, or amendment of the paper.

  • Articles will be copy edited for grammar, punctuation, print style, and format if they are approved. Page proofs will be given to the appropriate author and must be returned within three days, with or without revisions.